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TR!CKSTER & Comic-Con THIS Week!
At last, we've reached this epic week or Tr!ckster & Comic-Con. On the Con tip, I'll be signing at the Oni Press booth at noon on Sunday, July 24. Myself and a gaggle of comics creators are a part of Oni's Kids Day "Yo Gabba Gabba!" Blowout.

I'll also be on hand at Tr!ckster, the creator-owned convention that's taking place across the street from Comic-Con. This is Tr!ckster's inaugural year, so don't miss out on this free-admission opportunity to rub elbows with and get insight from some of the finest artists and creators of our times.

Lastly, Jim Mahfood and I will be executing Guerrilla Art Strikes, where we set up makeshift studios and rock commissions for people, discuss our process, art, music and more!

For all the nitty-gritty details, check out the TR!CKSTER/COMIC-CON SCHEDULE on my blog.


My first art book of 2011, WRECKING SKULL, has landed! I'll be premiering this saucy collection of my recent artwork at Tr!ckster and Comic-Con in San Diego, this week. It's 32 pages of mind-numbing, soul-soothing drawings and mixed media works. Each cover is customized with fun paint splatters. I've only printed an edition of 100, so be sure to grab this gem while you still can!

Along with the art book, I've also made a limited run of "Wrecking Skull" prints, featuring the titular cover drawing. To order your copy of WRECKING SKULL with our without a print, visit The Meatshop.

Click here to order WRECKING SKULL now.


Brand New Website!
After nearly a decade, I'm moving on from Hiredmeat with the launch of my new portfolio site -- From now on, that will be the place to peruse my body of work, contact me about projects & purchases, and find links to more online sources for that special aesthetic you've come to expect from yours truly.

You can also sign up for The Art of Dave Crosland Newsletter, to keep up on important announcements, releases, and happenings in my corner of the Art World.

***( Hiredmeat will remain intact for awhile, just for the hell of it. But I will be ultimately phasing it out.)***


Alphabet Attack! Series 1 & 2 Complete
My incredibly fun, fan-favorite art blog, Alphabet Attack! is taking a short break. I recently wrapped up the second series of daily drawings, featuring epic comic book characters.

While it doesn't look like I'll be able to legally get away with making any merchandise out of the images from Series 1 & 2, I will be spending this hiatus cementing the formula for Alphabet Attack! Series 3. And that series will consist entirely of creator-owned characters, concepts and subject matter.

Visit to read more on the future of the project, and to view the 52 illustrations I've created for it so far.


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