Since 2000 AD, Dave Crosland has been providing top-notch eye candy to clients in a variety of industries, from IDW Publishing and Mad Magazine, to Ride Snowboards and Atlantic Records. If you're in need of illustration, look no further.

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EVIL I Leave Bloody Shadows Beauty Is The Beast
Animal Attraction Holy Haymaker Dead Bloom Brute Breath Beasts of The Bay
Heartbreak In The Summer Of Hello Nasty
Nat Narwhal
Ziggy Zebra
Besos At Sunset
Blues Man Greene Caffeine McQueen
Donkey Punch
Lizard Bizard
Love & Hate Are At It Again
I'm Still Afraid Of Girls You Don't Know What The Hell You're Talking About Hannah Hawk
Business As Usual
Captain EasyChord
Flight of the Oni Bear
More Than Meets The Hentai
The Gamma Rays Made Me Do It
Suggested Listening
More Than Meets The Eye
The Fox
Honey White

If I Told You, I'd Have To Kill You.
Modern-Made Soldier
Now It's Personal.
Here Comes The Haymaker! The Thirteenth Round
New Worlds
Bigger Than I Look
Nude 1 Touche!
Say What?
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?
Cup Of Joe, Ann?
Just A Bit Further
More Keys, Please We Have Liftoff

comic covers / pinups / sequential work
"Beautiful" page 1
"Beautiful" page 2
"Beautiful" page 3
"Beautiful" pages 4 & 5
Scud vs. Jeff
Scarred For Life #1
colors by Len O'Grady
Scarred For Life #2
colors by Len O'Grady
Scarred For Life #3
colors by Len O'Grady
Scarred For Life #4
colors by Len O'Grady
Scarred For Life #5
colors by Len O'Grady
Cara Cicatriz

album art / logo design
Night Man
Disguised As An Angel Of Light
As Cruel As School Children
Oh snap!
As Cruel As School Children w/ Text
Original Back Cover Art
Extra Interior Illos
The band, man! The band!
The Echidnas - The High Rise Cover
The Echidnas - The High Rise Back Cover
The Crest - Skeptik front cover
The Crest - Skeptik back cover
1988 logo
Blueprint 1988 cover
Blueprint 1988 back cover
Blueprint Logo
Boombox Single front cover
Boombox Single back cover

apparel designs
The Daimyo's Dime Bag
Stereo Kabuki One
Stereo Kabuki Two

editorial & commissioned portraits
Debbie Harry (of Blondie
Brian Evenson (author)
Earl Hickey (Jason Lee)
Frank Oz
Holly Golightly
Judah Bauer (of The Blues Explosion)
Lucinda Williams
Mike Doughty
Out Of Season (Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man)
MC Paul Barman
Steve Unkles (improv comedian, writer)
The White Stripes
For more portraiture, click hizz-ere.

comic convention commissions
Book Angel
Omega Red
Squirrel, Snail, Bee
Shitty Batman and Robin
Dino Pet
Robo Spread
Wolvie vs. Sentinel
Somebody's Watchin' Me
Riley from The Boondocks
Tag Team w/ Mahfood
Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho